Committee of the Whole Meeting - March 23 2021

Delegation Presentation - How to Stop Human Sex Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation in BC, Cathy Peters, 2020-432-RZ, 12211 and 12229 228 Street, 2021-061-RZ, 21783 Lougheed Highway, 2021-062-RZ, 25927 and 25801 128 Avenue, 2018-097-RZ, 21571 121 Avenue, 2019-353-RZ, 22058 119 Avenue, 2020-242-RZ, Off-Street Parking and Loading Amending Bylaw; Subdivision and Development Servicing Amending Bylaw, 2018-249-DVP, 25180 108 Avenue, 2019-394-SD, 5% Money in Lieu of Parkland Dedication, 20857 Golf Lane, Maple Ridge Ticket Information Utilization Amending Bylaw and Maple Ridge Bylaw Notice Enforcement Amending Bylaw, Proposed New Cannabis Retail Store, 110 - 20110 Lougheed Highway, Award of Contract ITT-EN21-5: Sanitary Sewer Replacement on 223 Street from Haney Bypass to Lougheed Highway, Award of Contract ITT-EN21-24: 232 Street Road Improvements and 116 Avenue Multi-Use Path, Community Development & Enterprise Services Committee Quarterly Update and Terms of Reference Amendment, Festival Grant Program Recommendations – Intake One 2021, Maple Ridge Council Procedure Bylaw, Fraser River Waterfront Revitalization Initiative