Committee of the Whole Meeting - May 7 2019

2018-289-RZ, 10309 and 10337 240 Street; 10350 and 10320 Slatford Place, RS-3, RS-2 to RM-1 2019-064-RZ, 11045 Cameron Court, RS-2 to RS-1d 2017-572-RZ, 11703 Fraser Street and 11718 224 Street, RM-1 to RM-2 2016-031-RZ, 13227 236 Street, RS-2 to RM-1 2018-093-RZ, 11780 Burnett Street, RS-1 to R-1 New Cannabis Retail Store #670-22709 Award of Contract for Maple Ridge Secondary School Track Facility Upgrades Design Services Award of Contract for Hammond Community Centre Renovation Design Services Award of Contract for Firefighters Park Construction